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Lockhart, Texas
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Hello my name is Abram Taylor, my stage name is TaylorMade. I’m a story teller rapping about my life through my eyes as a young black male and putting it into words were everybody can relate. I’m 33 years young and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Now I live in Austin, Texas making great Hip Hop slash Rap Music.

The reason I’m writing this biography is to let the reader’s and my fans know who I am and where I came from. My plan is to promote my new album called Ou... (read more)
Tracks By Taylormade
Lower Tha Casket Ft. J. Tryniti
Hermosa Beach Ft. K. Breezy
Better Than Tha Rest Ft. P.c. Lyricz
My Woman Of Perfection Ft. Lolo Sky
In Tha First Place Ft. Street Style
Lower Tha Casket Ft. Katie Tropp
Release Tha Houndz Ft. Big Ticket
Shadowz From Tha Past Ft. Bud G Zus
The Guardian Of Her Heart
Hermosa Beach
Drankin' N' Dancin'
Better Than Tha Rest
My Woman Of Perfection
In Tha First Place
Lower Tha Casket
Release Tha Houndz
Look What You Created
Shadowz From Tha Past
The Pain You Put Me Through Ft. Patti Austin