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More info on me can be found at my web page @ www.jimmiritzreitzler.com or Just Google Jimmi RITZ Reitzler.And I Hope you like my Music.But I will say I'm from South New Jersey(Most of my life I was in Atlantic City,Philly & NYC).I was in 3 bands when I lived at the shore(TAROT-1/45rpm,57th STREET-1/45rpm & NO BRAKES -1/3 song EP & 1/LP )then I went solo and put out the Looking Thru Bobby's Diary LP(this LP sells on Ebay for up to $80.00 its big with the Collector crowd-Got me in Goldmine M... (read more)
Tracks By Jimmi Ritz Reitzler
Zombie Shuffle
What Love Is (From The Save The 7inch Ep)
Reality Tv Jimmi Ritz Reitzler
Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full
Y Did I Do It (Or) Ydididoit
Black And Blue
I Can't Dance
I'm Gonna Roll