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Donell Victim Aka V.I.C. Some just live but V.I.C. look at life as pure drama. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Dennis "Donell Victim" Mahan. Family, Love, And Fanstay concealed mixed and destroyed his mind enough to develop his rap flow and personality. Optimism keeps his morals in place but when touchin the mic, all what drifts his mind is spit.Soon a fun game, became a hobby, then an obsession. As growing and watching, plus trials and errors, he found the truth to music's potential doesn't ... (read more)
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This Is My Life - Donvic
Liveindaskyy - Donvic & Lokee
Dreambighustleharder - Lokee & Donvic
Fo Real - Donvic & Lokee